Software Version 4AOP2009v1.0 released

2009, September

What is new in 4AOP2009:

  • Implementation of the limb viewing geometry:
    • Refined geometry module
    • Option for limb view simulation
    • Height dependence of gravity acceleration
  • Implementation of the user option to simulate scattering effects (coupling with DISORT and SOS codes). Option is active only in Earth view geometry and for aerosols
  • New atlases of pre-calculated optical thicknesses:
    • that make the code more precise
    • that include:
      • an updated line-mixing for CO2
      • the new GEISA 2008 spectroscopy
      • the pressure shift for H2O
      • updated gas mixing ratio profiles,
      • improved CFC's formulation
  • Minor bug fixes in a few routines of the model
  • Updated and improved Graphical User Interface